Earlier today, the late actor’s eldest brother Jefferson posted this note on the NoonTalk Media Facebook page.

Here's the full text:

Our family love Aloysius dearly. As sons, we have great parents that taught us well and instilled great values.

Of which include to always be considerate for others, to never forget our manners, and to never comment more than necessary as "Silence is wise". We were also taught to be passionate in whatever we do as hard work & character will eventually show and tell.

This is our family, and we only have one. As sons, we place focus in looking after our parents well-being. As older brothers, we want everybody to know how beautiful our youngest has blossom under their teachings.

Even with Aloysius passing, our thoughts are with and for him

It came a heavy heart when I heard the recent scrutiny of a reporter, Minghua due to a recent social media incident. I was downhearted, exhausted in NZ and I chose to ignore the actions of a young individual as well as the ethics a reporter should possess, as that was not my focus. I was looking out for my mom and dad. There is always a right time for everything, and that was not the time. We should all still have that basic humanity and courtesy even in dark times.

And it is also because of that basic humanity and courtesy, I will like to apologise to Minghua first. I'm sorry because Aloysius would never want this to happen to you. Despite your inconsideration, I chose to have faith that it was just a one-time blunder. I'm sorry for my ignorance, when I could have prevented it from happening.

If it’s not too late, please continue to stay to write the good experience you had with our brother. Please share them with us, as there may be more we have missed.

Thank you.