Which Star Makes Her In-laws Do Housework For Her?

And they happily cook dinner for her too.

Worried about not getting along with your future in-laws? Fret not. Here are some tips from the cast of new Ch 8 drama Mightiest Mother-in-law on what to do to get into your in-laws’ good books.

in laws thomasong

“Sincerity is very important when it comes to making your in-laws happy. Elderly people like to talk, so I usually show interest in what they say and listen to them wholeheartedly. To them, nothing makes them smile more than having a listening ear. I think that’s good enough. They will definitely have a good impression of you if you respect them.” –THOMAS ONG, who’s single. 

in laws tongbingyu  1

“I’m very lucky because my in-laws are very nice to me. In all the years I’ve been married, I’ve never put in any effort to do household chores, and they don’t nag at me to do so. Even if I want to go out with guys, my in-laws are fine with it. They don’t interfere with my personal matters. In fact, they give me a lot of space. In the beginning, when I wanted to make them happy, I’d cook dinner for them. These days, I don’t do it anymore ’cos I’m too busy with work. Instead, it’s my in-laws who do household chores and prepare dinner for me! (Laughs)” – TONG BINGYU. who’s been married to Kee Kai Loon, a CEO of a media company in Malaysia, for eight years.

in laws paigechua

“Cooking is a good idea. If I know a person enjoys a particular dish, I’ll learn how to make it. I guess it shows my sincerity. It also shows that I’m doing something special as well, especially ’cos I’m not a good cook (laughs).” – PAIGE CHUA, who has been with her long-time boyfriend for 13 years.

in laws bonnieloo

“I’ve never had a boyfriend but when I do in the future, I’d take his mum out on a shopping trip – just the two of us. I think two women shopping together makes for great bonding! I’d also whip up a dish for her. I can make pasta and sushi, and also bake some cakes for his family.” – BONNIE LOO, who’s single and all of 22.

in laws jeffreyxu

“I think the best thing I can do to please Felicia’s parents is to treat her well (smiles). But when I do see Felicia’s mum, I always take my time to chat with her. She loves ice-cream and . My hope is that one day, I can have the time to bring my parents and her mum on a vacation together. Maybe we could go for a beach holiday or something, where everyone can let go and relax!” – JEFFREY XU, who’s been dating Feli for almost two years now.

Mightiest Mother-in-law airs Mon to Fri on Ch 8 at 9pm.


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