Which Of These Stars Will Spend $400 Voting For Themselves For Star Awards?

FYI: Each phone call costs $0.86.

It's their first time being nominated in the Star Awards Top 10 Most Popular Artistes category. And these actors couldn't be more stoked about it. So how much are they willing to spend so that they can bag the coveted award? Read to find out. 

hotlinebling sorama

SORA MA $200 

“Since this is my seventh year in showbiz, I’ll give myself seven calls per day to motivate myself. That’s probably $200? (Laughs). Actually, I’ve been thinking about being nominated in this category since my third year in Mediacorp but I kind of stopped harbouring hopes last year. Too bad my relatives in Malaysia can’t vote for me, but I know they’ve sent out messages to their friends in Singapore to rally votes. I feel very touched by their love and support (smiles).”

hotlinebling bonnieloo


“I am now in Beijing and can’t make calls for myself but my parents, friends and fans have been of great help, helping me call regularly. I will make at least one call every day when I’m back in Singapore and try my best as much as I can. I guess my odds for now are 50/50!”

hotlinebling desmondng


“I call for myself once or twice every day, as this is the first time I’m nominated and I want to encourage myself. What? One call is $0.86? I didn’t know that! (laughs). I guess I’d have spent about $400 by Star Awards night (guffaws). As I also sing at getai, I’ve been rallying for votes there too. Just last week, I had a small getai show at Chua Chu Kang, and I mentioned my voting number on stage about 10 times (guffaws). The getai community is very supportive, so I hope they’ll call and vote for me!”

hotlinebling hongling


“I haven’t made a single call for myself yet but I intend to make one call eventually out of curiosity. I want to hear what’s recorded on the hotline (laughs). I think it’s really hard to control the results so even if I put aside a few hundred dollars to vote for myself, it’s not a guaranteed win. I’d rather save the money!”

hotlinebling heyingying


“I’ll make one call for myself for good luck. I don’t really think about getting into the Top 10 because being nominated is already a pat on my back. My first Ch 8 drama was Hero so I’ve only been acting for less than a year [Ed: She was also on Toggle original series Run Rachael Run, which aired in March 2016] I didn’t ask my classmates in NUS to vote for me too as I’m trying to keep a low profile in school. I haven’t posted my hotline number on social media yet but perhaps I’ll do it soon (laughs).”

hotlinebling seraphsun


“I’m not going to call for myself as I think there’s no point in doing that. If I win because of that, it won’t mean anything. I guess I’m quite thrifty, ’cos I’m not even willing to spend 80 cents on myself (guffaws). My relatives are really sweet though, they’ve been voting for me online every day as it’s free. They even send daily reminders to our family group chat which I think is quite cute. I never expected them to be so gungho about it!”


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