Which Of These Star Awards Winners Auditioned For Crazy Rich Asians?

Surely their acting chops will come in handy.

"And the Best Actor is Chen.... Hanwei!" boomed Hongkong actor Bowie Lam at the Star Awards 2017. Screams erupted at the media corner, mostly 'cos everyone was expecting another Chen - hot fave Andie, that is - to nab the trophy. Journos who were interviewing Elvin Ng about his All-Time Favourite Artiste win at the photo wall turned away and trained their eyes at the TV screen. "Can you all please pay attention [to me]?" joked poor Elvin. Award shows are all about winning, losing and the surprises in between, and last night was no different. Romeo Tan, for one, was pleasantly taken aback by his twin wins (Best Supporting Actor and Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste) since he went home empty-handed last year, while elated Best Supporting Actress Aileen Tan slowly made her way out of a scrum of well-wishers almost a full hour after she asked her husband "to pick [her] up at 10pm sharp". 

sa2017winners zoetay chenhanwei

Best Actress: Zoe Tay
I heard you guys picked me to be Best Actress. Thank you very much! I feel like I have been transported back to 1988 when Aileen Tan, Chen Hanwei and I all won something at Star Search that year. That was 29 years ago. For me, winning this award is a bonus. I don't really think about it. I don’t think I’ve told anyone this, during last year's Star Awards, my youngest son, Nathan, watched the whole show on TV. I didn’t win but when I went home, he made a trophy out of Lego for me (smiles).”  

Best Actor: Chen Hanwei 
“I had zero expectation for this award. I felt that Andie was very good, which is why I encouraged him when I was on stage. To be honest, I’m really disappointed for him. I felt sad when I looked into his eyes. But I’m quite glad to win this together with Zoe. This is the first time the two of us have won an [acting] award at the Star Awards together!” 

sa2017winners romeotan

Best Supporting Actor and Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste: Romeo Tan 
“The win was very unexpected lah. Everything happened so fast. It’s a morale booster for my career since I didn’t win anything last year... I don’t plan to celebrate my win tonight, since I have to be at work at 7am tomorrow. But I’ve promised my fans and family to have a meal together! Eat what ah? Don’t know leh. I haven’t thought about it. (Laughs)”

sa2017winners aileentan

Best Supporting Actress: Aileen Tan
“I waited 29 years for this Best Supporting Actress award, so I’m very thankful to have won. I’ve been nominated for the award before but didn’t win, so I came mentally prepared this year just to watch the show. I even asked my husband [Hongkong-born director Gerald Lee] to pick me up at 10pm sharp. (Laughs) But this trophy is a nice addition to my trophy cabinet at home, since I’ve won Best Actress [for Three Women and a Half in 2001] and a Best Supporting Actress award at the Asian Television Awards [in 2013]. There aren’t many roles where actors can flex their skills these days, and that’s when you start to think if you should take a break. No, I don’t mean I’m retiring from showbiz! I don’t mind taking more international roles, maybe playing somebody’s mother. Maternal roles can be meaty too. (Laughs) You’re the first to know this, but I did audition for [upcoming Hollywood flick] Crazy Rich Asians with Michelle Yeoh. We’ll see how it goes!”

sa2017winners quanyifeng daughter

Best Host and All-Time Favourite Artiste: Quan Yifeng 
"I won two awards and the [media's] microphones went to [my daughter] Eleanor?! Quick, pass me my trophies! I only see my daughter once about every three months. Her management [in Beijing] allowed her to fly back to Singapore for this awards. I didn't even know she was going to perform a song during the show. [The producers] only told me to keep my speech brief, and the rest of the segment was kept a secret. But I'm not a sentimental person who can't bear to be away from my daughter. I'm envious that she has a better time than me in Beijing! She has become Cinderella, and I'm now her pumpkin carriage. (Laughs)" 

sa2017winners xiangyun

Best Evergreen Artiste: Xiang Yun
“I totally didn’t expect to win at all. I thought Aileen Tan would win. Her acting in Hero was very good, and she really gave it her all. In contrast, my role in Peace and Prosperity is very straightforward, and there aren’t many emotional ups and downs. I’m happy and grateful for the award though.”

The Winners List

Best Info-Ed Programme

Unique Towns

Best Variety Programme

Hearts & Hugs 

Best Theme Song

If Only I Could

Best Evergreen Artiste Award

Xiang Yun Peace & Prosperity

Best Supporting Actor

Romeo Tan The Dream Job

Best Supporting Actress

Aileen Tan Hero

Best Variety Special

Star Awards 2016 Part 2

Best Programme Host (Variety, Info-Ed & Infotainment)

Quan Yifeng Markets In Asia

All-Time Favourite Artiste Award

Joanne Peh  
Elvin Ng
Quan Yifeng

Best Actor

Chen Hanwei The Gentlemen

Best Actress

Zoe Tay You Can Be An Angel 2

Best Drama Serial


Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes

Carrie Wong
Felicia Chin
Jayley Woo
Jesseca Liu
Kym Ng
Paige Chua
Rebecca Lim
Sora Ma
Chris Tong  

Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes

Ben Yeo
Dennis Chew
Desmond Ng
Desmond Tan
Ian Fang
Lee Teng
Romeo Tan
Shane Pow
Zhang Zhenhuan 

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