Which All-Time Fave Will The Stars Vote For?

The competition is still wide-open.

It’s been just 24 hours since we launched our Favourite-est All-Time Favourite poll but things are already heating up. With only six more days to go before we announce who the Top 5 Favourite-est All-Time Faves are in ranking order, we get some of this year’s Top 48 Most Popular Artistes to tell us which All-Time Fave they voted for.

ian fang

“Can I pick three? Very tough leh. Okay, I’ll personally vote for CHEN HANWEI, ZOE TAY and CHRISTOPHER LEE. Hanwei and Zoe have been very supportive of me and dote on me a lot. Chris, well, Chris is my shi fu (teacher in Mandarin). From the start, he has given me a lot of guidance in terms of acting and life. Since I get one vote a day, I’ll vote for Hanwei on Monday and Tuesday, Zoe on Wednesday and Thursday, and Chris on Friday and Saturday. I’ll take a rest on Sunday to vote for myself for Top 10 (laughs). I’ll urge my fan club to vote for the three of them too. So who did I vote for today? Ah Jie since it’s a Wednesday!”



“I was torn between Rui En and Xie Shaoguang. RUI EN made a greater impact in my life. I was crazy over her when I was in secondary school ’cos I think she's cool and unique. She inspired me to work hard towards my goal and bring every role I play to life. XIE SHAOGUANG is also a good actor. He brings every character to life, especially when he played a cripple [in 1995’s the Golden Pillow]. I wish I have the chance to work with him one day. But... I just voted for CHEN LIPING jie! (Guffaws) Without her, I won’t be where I am now. So she’s still my all-time favourite. How many times can I vote? [Ed: one vote per day]. Okay, I’ll vote for Rui En and Xie Shaoguang tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.”


shaun chen

XIANG YUN. She has been in the industry for so many years and she’s well-respected. She always remains professional and calm — even when she is tired. I think it’s not easy to keep her kind of momentum for 30 years. I don’t even know if I could do that!”


andie chen

“I voted for CHEN HANWEI! He has contributed to our TV industry the most with his myriad of roles. Many shows would not have been made possible without an actor like him. He is also an inspiration – one of the kindest, funniest and sweetest veteran in the business.”


jayley woo

“I can only judge based on who I've worked with in the past, so I'd vote for RUI EN. I've been working with her on new drama Have A Little Faith and I must say I like how it is on set whenever she is around. She never fails to surprise me with her reactions — both real and reel — and her laughter is quite infectious. Whenever I see her name on my rundown, I'd be psyched to get on set for no reason.”

zhang zhenhuan

“I’d vote for CHEW CHOR MENG! He’s the bravest and strongest All-Time Favourite Artiste. He’s a real warrior.”

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