When Stars Like Rui En Get In Trouble With Their Neighbours

Guess which celeb fell asleep drunk in his neighbours' bed?

Call it bad luck or plain ol’ anger management issues, but Rui En has made the news once more after her neighbours complained to a local daily about their unpleasant encounter with the star.

According to reports, Rui En was locked out of her three-room flat in Clementi without her keys and had gone to her elderly neighbours downstairs to borrow a powerbank to charge her depleted phone battery.

Her neighbours, an elderly couple who said Rui En looked “impatient” from the start, added: “Her first words to us were: ‘Lend me your power bank, my phone is out of battery.”

They also recalled that Rui En looked startled when they replied that they did not have a power bank and offered to lend her their landline. “Rui En made two or three calls, the third seemed to be to her helper, asking her where she was and that [Rui En] was waiting for her to come home and unlock the door,” the couple explained, and said that Rui En also forcefully slammed their phone twice.

The neighbour’s wife blabbed to the press that Rui En had appeared agitated, did not thank them for their help and even ordered her to go upstairs to retrieve some of her belongings.

Rui En later brought a gift hamper to her neighbours as an apology. The couple has said that they declined her hamper but accepted Rui En’s apology, though we think she won’t be borrowing soy sauce from them anytime soon. 

But hey, it's not like she unapologetically built a wall around her house that prevented her neighbours from accessing a public beach, right? That would be Taylor Swift (shame!). Read more about other celebrity bad neighbours below.

8sh0105   justin bieber

Justin Bieber
The pop star’s former neighbours, actress Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard, likened the experience of living next to the Biebs to being in a warzone. “The music and the parties and the paparazzi -- I mean, it's like living in Lebanon," grumbled Dax in an interview. Biebs also went to court in 2014 for criminal vandalism after pelting eggs at his neighbours’ swanky LA home, causing US$20,000 ($27,900) in damages. He ended up paying US$80,000 ($111,500) in compensation, and was recently voted by the American public as the worst celeb neighbour in a poll by a US real estate website. Tsk tsk.

8sh0105   taylor swift

Taylor Swift 
Tay-Tay bought a fancy mansion by the sea in Rhode Island, US, and almost immediately became her neighbourhood’s public enemy. Residents complained that the singer commissioned a sea wall that restricted their access to a public beach (the wall was supposedly built to protect Taylor’s house from sea corrosion). When asked about the Wallgate, Taylor simply said: “Nothing has changed about anyone’s beach experience, except that now my house won’t fall on them. So, you know. Sorry not sorry.”

8sh0105   ivanka trump

Ivanka Trump 

It ain't easy having an unpopular POTUS as your dad, as Ivanka can attest. Her poshneighbours in Washington, DC are up in arms about the First Daughter’s Secret Service agents hanging around the neighbourhood chatting loudly and changing their shirts in public. They also decried the numerous ‘No Parking’ signs that were reportedly set up to make way for Ivanka’s security detail. Just how much do Ivanka’s neighbours hate her? When LGBTQ protestors demonstrated outside her house, a photo of a gleeful woman sipping wine in a fur coat while watching the unfolding drama went viral, with netizens calling her “Ivanka’s petty neighbour”.

8sh0105   rdj

Robert Downey Jr

What does it feel like to come home to a famous person asleep in your bed? Back when RDJ was still known as Hollywood’s wild child, his neighbours once found the future Iron Man drunk and snoozing in their bedroom. He also reportedly made faces at his neighbours’ daughter as he was led out in handcuffs.


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