What’s New On Netflix In August

You can try binge-watching Rui En, Kate Pang and Tay Ping Hui…

Wonder what Netflix is adding to its library this month? For starters, three Ch 8 dramas — the Rui En-starring In-Laws (above); Entangled with Kate Pang and Aileen Tan, and the culinary-themed Bountiful Blessings, featuring Jessica Hsuan and Tay Ping Hui — are now available on the streaming platform. So what else can you look out for? Information correct at time of writing.

TV shows 

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later

The counsellors of Camp Firewood —Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd,  Janeane Garofalo — are back, older but necessarily wiser, this time in  1991. Available Aug 4.

Marvel’s The Defenders

Jessica Jones! [Expletive] yeah! Daredevil!  [Expletive] yeah! Luke Cage  [Expletive] yeah! Iron Fist! Er, okay! Can they play well together to save New York from Sigourney Weaver’s big bad? Available Aug 18

The Mist

The TV version of the Stephen King novella (previously made into a movie by Frank Darabont) about a small town shrouded in a mysterious haze. (We know the feeling.) Available Aug 25.



Docu about doping in sports, and more specifically, Russia’s state-sponsored Olympic doping programme.  Available Aug 4 


Wacky comedy starring Marlon Wayans as a guy who keeps waking up in the buff in a hotel elevator… over and over again.  Available Aug 11

Death Note

American remake of the Japanese horror/manga by the director of Blair Witch and You’re Next. Please don’t suck. Available Aug 25


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