Taiwan-based Japanese singer and former Da Mouth member Aisa Senda, who divorced Taiwanese actor Zhou Ming Fu in February this year, happily reassured everyone that she is feeling much better during her appearance at a beauty brand’s event in Taipei yesterday (Jul 31).

When asked if this means that she is ready to commit to a new relationship, she laughed and said, “I’ll leave it up to fate!” As for what she’s looking for in a future partner, the 36-year-old said that her dream man is someone who is hard-working, filial to his parents, and, most importantly, keeps his promises to her.

Despite the fact that her ex-husband was unfaithful to her, Aisa said that she does not mind if her future partner has many female friends, as long as he is able to respect the boundaries between them. She also shared that she has no plans to freeze her eggs at the moment

Aisa then took the opportunity to clarify recent reports that she had fired her manager Katie, leaving the latter in debt. “We were both shocked by the news and I was very hurt,” she admitted. “I really wonder where that info came from. At the moment, Katie is focusing on her career in China, but we are still very good friends and regularly keep in touch.”

Photos: TPG

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