What does Rainie Yang like about Li Ronghao?

The couple has been dating for the past four years


Gone are the days when Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang would steadfastly refuse to say anything about her budding relationship with Chinese singer Li Ronghao.

The couple’s relationship was revealed to the public in 2015, after Rainie accidentally uploaded an intimate wefie of herself with Ronghao on his Facebook page. Since then, the couple has gradually become increasingly comfortable with sharing aspects of their relationship to the public, from mentioning each other on Instagram, to attending each other’s concerts.

Recently, Rainie guested on the second season of the variety show, Heart Signal, where she shared more about her ideal type.

The 35-year-old shared that when it comes to the physical appearance of her partner, she does not look at his face first. Instead, she zeroes in on his height and bone structure. Rainie revealed that she likes it when her significant other has broad shoulders, praising Ronghao for “having the perfect height and shoulders”. However, her other half’s “intelligence and emotional quotient (EQ)” are the two most important qualities she looks at.

Soon enough, the conversation turned to Ronghao’s signature “small eyes”. Rainie confessed that “when it comes to physical appearance, he looks completely different from my first impression of him”. 

“After looking at him for a long time, I’m used to him, and I think it’s pretty good,” she smiled.

Photos: PBE Media

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