What Does Jolin Tsai Think About Vivian Dawson Dating One Of The By2 Sisters?

“I knew you guys would ask me about this!"

Mandopop Queen Jolin Tsai, 36, ended her six-year relationship with New Zealander-Singaporean model Vivian Dawson, 32, in November. And barely four months later, the latter was spotted out on a date with Miko Bai, 24, from Singaporean girl group BY2. Or at least that's what the Taiwanese press wants us to think. 

Responding to media queries at a beauty event in Taiwan, Jolin said: “I knew you guys would ask me about this when I read the news. I think getting to know more friends is a good thing,” She added that she is still in contact with Vivian and that they remain "good friends". When asked how she's been since the breakup, she replied nonchalantly: “What do you think?”

She did, however, confess to having several husbands. She was joking, of course.  “Well, I have one new husband with every new K-drama I watch!” 

Photo: tpgnews/clickphotos,

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