Vivian Hsu attended a charity event to raise awareness for children suffering from rare diseases in Taipei yesterday (Oct 14), where she shared some stories about her own son, four-year-old Dalton.

According to the Taiwanese singer-actress, her boy has really been into comic book superheroes such as Batman and Spider-Man lately, often drawing them or playing with their Lego figures. Unfortunately, Dalton is also getting more mischievous, mimicking these characters by shouting things like “Come and fight me!” to his mother.

“I was shocked and filled with rage for one second the first time I heard him say that!” Vivian exclaimed. “I immediately told him that people aren’t cartoon characters and should be spoken to with more respect.”

However, this impishness occurred another two or three times, prompting a furious Vivian to confiscate all his toys and ban him from watching violent cartoons for a week for him to work on his behaviour. “It’s been two weeks since then and he’s forgotten everything that’s happened,” she said with a laugh.

As frustrating as parenting can sometimes be, it’s clear that Vivian adores her son. With Dalton set to enter primary school in about two years’ time, she admitted that she isn’t quite ready to spend less time with him. “I feel a little lost,” she sighed.

Photos: TPG