Wedding bells rumoured to ring for Lin Chi-ling, Jerry Yan in January

The pair were even said to have chosen Prague as their honeymoon destination

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Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-ling’s love story with ex-boyfriend Jerry Yan is like the gift that keeps giving. The former lovers’ supposed reunion has come under the spotlight again, this time with rumours surfacing that they might get married next year and have their honeymoon in Prague, Czech Republic.

Chi-ling had previously deemed Prague her dream honeymoon destination due to its ‘romantic factor’ and had even flown there in August for the photoshoot for her 2018 charity calendar. Netizens felt that usage of the words ‘solo honeymoon’ sounded like a cover-up, as there was no need to emphasise on it being ‘solo’ if she was not with anyone else.

According to a close friend, Chi-ling also especially liked numbers that represented “romance” as she had previously asked on Weibo if anyone would be willing to “jump into the Aegean Sea (which had always been linked to love) with her” on May 20, where the Chinese pronunciation of 5/20 sounded a lot like I love you.

Many then speculated that her and Jerry would get married on Jan 1 (1/1) next year as Chi-ling’s birthday fell on Nov 29 (29/11) and Jerry’s on Jan 1, so their birthdays added up would have four ‘1s’, making it a special number of 1111.

However, both parties’ managers have not responded to this piece of news at press time.

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While both Chi-ling and Jerry are said to be taking things slow and reacquainting themselves with each other, netizens believe that they have in fact been secretly dating since February but have kept a low-profile about it. 

They brought up an image of a wedding gown that Chi-ling had posted on Instagram in February, along with the caption “I love white colour” and emojis of a smiley with hearts for eyes.

According to Taiwanese media, the two were also in Japan at that time and the actress had been previously seen punching the passcode numbers to a mansion and was welcomed into the house by an unknown male of about 180 cm. She reportedly stayed in the house till the next afternoon.

Many claimed it was Jerry due to his height but this has been met with differing views by others who claimed it could have been “anyone.”

Jerry’s manager has since dismissed these claims and said that “he had never heard any of these news before.”

Following his appearance with Chi-ling in Malaysia, Jerry was recently seen playing basketball in Shanghai with fellow actor Will Liu.

When asked to share an update about his upcoming projects, the actor’s manager has said that he was “unclear about the schedule” for now, seemingly wanting to keep his life under the radar.

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