Was Show Luo booted from his own clothing label?

He announced on February 18 that he will be disassociating himself from the label completely


On February 18, Taiwanese singer Show Luo posted a surprising announcement on his Weibo account: that he will be stepping away completely from streetwear brand STAGE which he founded in 2006. In his statement, he thanked fans for their support.

After his announcement, fans have speculated on the reason behind his departure from the brand, which he has treated as his baby. This reminded fans of a now-deleted post that Show had previously made on social media which read, “As a person, you shouldn’t win an inch and expect a mile”.

Although he did not specify who the ambiguous post was directed towards, netizens shared that the timing coincided with a staff member of STAGE’s social media post which read, “Evil people will get their just desserts one day”. This has led to speculation that Show was unfairly forced out from STAGE.

In addition, fans dug deeper and realised that Show has since changed his Instagram handle from ‘showlostage’ to ‘showlo’, and that he had stopped posting photos of himself in STAGE apparel since late last year.

This also explained why he chose to work with his girlfriend, Grace Chow, to launch a collaborative line for his music video rather than STAGE. At the time, his decision was blasted by fans, but in hindsight, they shared that he must have been going through a hard time but was unable to say anything because his split from the label was still under discussion.

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