Was Jerry Yan the reason why he and Lin Chi-ling couldn’t reconcile?

According to the latest reports, the model-actress was more than willing to give him a second chance

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Back in 2017, the internet was set abuzz when news of former golden couple Jerry Yan and Lin Chi-ling getting back in contact was confirmed. Rumours of the couple giving their love a second chance were the talk of the town, but netizens’ hopes have ultimately proven to be futile as Jerry is now dating someone else.

Many have wondered why the reunion everyone had hoped for couldn’t happen, and recently, Chen Rong, who calls herself the ‘messenger of the Gods’, gave everyone a possible explanation that has since caused a flurry of debate online.

She shared, “Why aren’t you listening to the real reason why they couldn’t get back together? She was ready for it, but he had no love for her. Lin Chi-ling had to give up on her true love because Jerry Yan didn’t want to marry her.”

This wasn’t the end of her little exposé, as she continued with, “Jerry Yan is very fake and played Lin Chi-ling. Lin-Chi-ling truly loves him, but all he did was to toy with her feelings, so I’m saying this because I feel that it was unfair for her!”

After her online rant, the consensus is that Jerry did indeed play Chi-ling despite no concrete evidence being uploaded at all. Neither party has responded to the accusations, which has caused even more speculation there might be some truth in what Chen Rong said.

Jerry and Chi-ling dated from 2000 until 2006, and fans of the couple have never lost hope that they might reconcile one day, despite the model-actress having shed tears on multiple occasions when asked about her past relationship.

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