Was Fan Bingbing, Li Chen’s breakup caused by another woman?

Rumours of a third party emerged shortly after the actress’s tax evasion scandal broke

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Last month, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing announced that they were breaking off their engagement and going back to being “just friends”. At the time, speculation about the reason behind their breakup was rife, and one of the possible reasons was because of a third party’s involvement.

Chinese reports claimed that 40-year-old Li Chen was in love with another woman – to be exact, his Seven Days co-star, 21-year-old Shi Chunzi. The pair was previously spotted together in photos taken when they were filming in Los Angeles.

Netizens further pointed out that her posts made after Li Chen and Bingbing announced their breakup seemed like she was rejoicing at the news. On the day of the breakup, she posted two photos of herself, along with one of a heart. On July 1, she updated her Weibo again with another selfie, this time captioning it with, “I’m blessed to be loved and protected. I love you guys.”

Rumours of Li Chen being involved with another woman first emerged shortly after Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion scandal broke. Sources claiming to be close to the couple declared that while the pair wanted to try to salvage their relationship, they had to put an end to it after Li Chen got Chunzi pregnant.

However, with so many new allegations emerging almost every day, Li Chen has finally decided to put his foot down. His work studio updated their Weibo on July 8, declaring that these claims are lies.

Bingbing and Li Chen went public with their relationship in May 2015 and announced their engagement in September 2017. They announced their breakup on June 27.

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