Wanna One’s Lai Guanlin forced to change hotels because of stalkers

The Kpop singer called them out for their behaviour.


Former Wanna One member Lai Guanlin has called out stalkers for invading his privacy. The 18-year-old is currently shuttling between cities in the mainland for work, and was so disturbed by the actions of these obsessed fans that he updated his Weibo account with a strongly-worded statement on December 26.

“I’ve always been curious. Is selling someone’s hotel information and personal information illegal?” he wrote. “I couldn’t rest after a day of work. The reason is that stalkers were all around me, so I was forced to change hotels.”

The Kpop singer continued, “Are you kidding me? I’ll say this again. I don’t need you to watch me during my personal time. Please show some restraint, or I’ll lose my sanity.”

His post received over 30,000 comments after less than six hours of being published.

However, those selling the said information decided to take things a step further by posting his flight details, along with his identity numbers on Weibo instead. “If I have to go to jail, let’s all go together,” one wrote as they published Guanlin’s information on their respective pages. 

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However, these posts have since been deleted. It is not known if Guanlin has taken legal action against these information brokers. Meanwhile, fans are urging the singer to take precautions and beef up his security in case any crazed fan tries something drastic when they see him next.

This has also reignited debate about the worsening stalker problem, as many celebs have started becoming more vocal about such issues. 

Just last week, JYP Entertainment released a statement condemning the actions of an unnamed stalker who has been regarded as a threat to girl group TWICE member Nayeon, and shared that the police have been called to provide protection to all the members of the band.

Lai Guanlin was part of project group Wanna One, who has gone their separate ways after their contract expired early this year.

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