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The last time Wang Leehom performed in Singapore, it was for the Celebrate TV50 New Year countdown show, along with his Wang Leehom 2014 Free Show, which took place hours after the countdown show. At the time, we wouldn’t have guessed that we would have to wait for five long years until we saw the singer take the stage again, this time for his Descendants of the Dragon 2060 World Tour.

When we first heard the title of the world tour, we had a slight inkling that we were in for something new – be it good or bad. The result: the concert started off with a bang (literally), as Leehom declared that he was on a mission to transport all the concert-goers to Descendants Of The Dragon 2060, where there was only love, hope and good music.

We weren’t the most impressed by the execution, especially when an unknown tribe busted onto the stage and attacked Leehom, causing him to fall dramatically and the audience had to channel energy to him by way of cheers, to help him get back on his feet again. Ok-ay. Also, he ‘spaceship’ in which he arrived in at the start of the concert could have been a great prop for the rest of the stage, but the poor pod was shelved once its one and only reason for existing – to open up in a cloud of mist and lights and allow Leehom to make his entrance – was fulfilled.

All that took a backseat as he dived quickly into his impressive repertoire of songs. While his newer, lesser-known songs got the audience on their feet, the loudest cheers were reserved for his older (but definitely gold) tunes, such as ‘Wei Yi’, ‘Xin Tiao’, ‘Forever Love’ and ‘Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi’.

At those moments, the Singapore Indoor Stadium seemed like it was transformed to a massive karaoke joint, with everyone belting out the lyrics with the passion of someone who just got dumped, or the jubilation of someone about to walk down the aisle – depending on which song we were talking about, of course. We also spotted at least two generations of family members enjoying the concert, as a little girl in a princess frock danced around happily and chirped to her parents about the songs she hoped that Leehom would sing next.

Leehom also flexed his musicality in more ways than one, as he played the violin and electric guitar, among other instruments during his set, while backed with an impressive live band and crew of backup dancers that filled up the stage.

Some of the most memorable moments, for us at least, was when he slowed things down while chatting with the crowd, feeling more like an old friend than a Mandopop sensation who has sold more than 50 million albums since his debut in 1995.

In particular, before he started on ‘Qin Ai De’, which he wrote specially for his two daughters, he remarked that the last time he visited our little red dot, he was yet to become a dad – and for the record, he’s welcomed two daughters and a son to his family in the past five years.

Declaring that he “really should visit Singapore more often”, he rattled off his list of favourites, including the delicacies (chilli crab) here, before letting on that his wife, Lee Jinglei, is also a fan of our island.

“I promise that you won’t have to wait that long before I come back again!” he quipped to a roaring crowd, as we couldn’t help but wonder – will he follow in the footsteps of other stars who decided to raise their children in Singapore? Guess we’ll find out.

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