Wang Leehom returned to the Taipei Arena after eight years for his Descendants of the Dragon 2060 world tour on June 8. Many of his famous friends came to show their support, and newly wedded Lin Chi-ling even sent him flowers to wish him the best.

Although there was an issue with the LED display at the beginning of the concert, the rest of the showcase went smoothly. After his performance of ‘Loving You is Loving Me’, the singer declared to fans, “I hope that we will still be able to meet in the year 2060!”

To everyone’s surprise and delight, Mayday’s Ashin was unveiled as the special guest, and the pair sang ‘Beside the Plum Blossoms’ together. When Leehom proposed that they should collaborate again in the near future, Ashin replied, “I’ll be waiting for your message.”

“Do I contact you on Instagram?” Leehom asked, to which Ashin quipped, “Did you add me? Instagram’s a pretty dangerous place now because there are people on ‘patrol’.” He then explained that Jay Chou loves to teach him how to use the social media site, a remark that greatly amused the audience.

Another highlight of the concert was during Leehom’s performance of ‘Simply in Love with You’, when he approached the VIP area to sing to his friends. Standing on his tiptoes, he reached up to give his wife Lee Jinglei a kiss, drawing cheers with their sweet interaction. In addition, he also got other famous couples like Christine Fan and Blackie Chen, as well as Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei, to smooch.

Photos: TPG

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