Wang Leehom celebrates wife’s birthday with 30,000 fans

The singer invited his fans to sing a birthday song with him during his concert


On Sunday (April 14), Chinese-American singer Wang Leehom held a concert in Huizhou, China that was attended by 30,000 fans. As his non-celebrity wife Li Jinglei’s birthday fell on the same day as well, Leehom prepared a special surprise for her.

After performing the ballad, ‘Perfect’, Leehom suddenly exclaimed, “My dear wife (is) perfect!”

Continuing, he said, “She’s present at the concert today as well, it’ll be her birthday soon,” before strumming the opening notes of ‘Happy Birthday’ on his guitar. Soon, the singer and his fans came together to sing the song for Jinglei as a special present.

Then, Leehom turned to Jinglei, who was off-stage, said, “I love you, happy birthday!” and sent her a flying kiss. His actions gained the approval of his fans, who were thrilled to see a softer side to their idol. Leehom’s name also rose to the Top 10 ranks of Weibo’s live search that night.

Leehom and Jinglei got married in 2013 and welcomed their first daughter, Wang Jiana, the following year. Their second daughter, Jiali, was born in 2016, while their youngest child, a son named Jiayao, was born in August last year.

Photos: PBE Media

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