Wang Feng’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama wants him to "look after his own daughter"

Her latest tirade is believed to have something to do with Zhang Ziyi’s pregnancy announcement


Wang Feng is among one of the most celebrated Chinese rock musicians in his generation. He’s had a stellar career with numerous accolades to his name, but his personal life is slightly murkier. Before actress marrying Zhang Ziyi in 2015, he was divorced twice and has had a child out of wedlock with a then-18-year-old model, Ge Huijie.

Now 32, Huijie has been vocal about how Wang Feng has brought up their daughter, Apple, over the years.

In her most recent Weibo tirade, which was posted on November 15, she said, “Are you from prehistoric times? Are you trying to spread your genes everywhere? Based on your character, do you happen to have more children born out of wedlock? Don’t think of yourself as a king. Please look after your own daughter first.” She has since deleted her post.

Netizens believe that her words were directed at Wang Feng, especially since her post was uploaded shortly after Ziyi’s announcement that she is pregnant with the couple’s second child.

This is not the first time she has accused her ex-boyfriend of not paying enough attention to their child, but she has never substantiated her claims.

Wang Feng has three daughters, Apple, 14, Jingyi, 7, and Xing Xing, 3. Apple was born out of wedlock with Huijie, while Jingyi was born when he was married to his second wife, Kang Zuoru. Xing Xing was born in 2015, shortly after he and Ziyi tied the knot.

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