Wallace Huo saves Yang Mi from responding to awkward question

The actor's quick thinking saved his flustered co-star


Earlier last month, pictures of Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo at an airport gained traction as many commented on the 39-year-old’s obvious weight gain.

This issue, however, caused his co-star, Chinese actress Yang Mi, to be pulled into the debate at a recent press conference. During the event, which was held ahead of the duo's upcoming drama, a reporter asked for Yang Mi's opinion on Wallace’s recent weight gain. The unexpected question left the actress speechless. 

After a brief pause, Wallace picked up a microphone and answered in Yang Mi's stead. 

“You should be asking me this instead. Why would she care about my weight gain, and what does it have to do with her? I don't think she cares about my life” he quipped, saving Yang Mi from having to answer the question.

Wallace then followed up with an explanation by saying, “I've only gained a bit of weight! I pay attention to my physique when I'm filming, but once filming has ended, I won't pay special attention to my weight, nor go on a diet. I don't think this is unusual.”

Fans have also chimed in to show their support for Wallace, sharing that they don’t mind his weight gain at all, with many criticising the reporter for asking such an awkward question. 


Photos: PBE Media

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