Wallace Huo revealed to have burst into tears while filming

The actor was said to have been so immersed in his role that he was unable to control his emotions

wallace huo

Currently-airing period drama Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace has been in the headlines for numerous reasons, and not always for the best ones. Numerous articles have discussed the suitability of actress Zhou Xun as the leading lady, although this has died down as more episodes of the drama were aired.

The director and scriptwriter of the show, Wang Jun and Liu Lianzi, recently did an interview with the media, where they revealed that lead actor Wallace Huo had burst into tears during one filming session, causing work to come to a standstill.

They explained that the 38-year-old was so immersed in his role, he felt that he had personally let Zhou Xun’s character down. He was so sorry that he wept uncontrollably, and leaned on the director’s shoulder while tears rolled down his cheeks.

This revelation brought back previous reports of Wallace admitting that he was surprised that he was so immersed in his role, and that he had blamed himself for letting Zhou Xun’s character suffer so much in the show. At the time, he said, “My character is the emperor, so he has to maintain a certain level of decorum. However, I broke down while I was filming this drama.”

Wang Jun and Lianzi explained that Wallace seemed to be sincerely apologising to Zhou Xun at the time, and in doing so ended up so caught up in his emotions that he could not stop crying. They added that his hands were trembling, and the crew was so shocked by the turn of events that they had no choice but to halt filming while the actor took time to compose himself.

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