Wallace Huo jets over to Malaysia to see Ruby Lin

The actor brought their 2-year-old daughter with him to visit Ruby, who is currently filming in Malaysia


Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin has been based in Malaysia for the past month, as she is busy filming for her upcoming movie, Miss Andy.

This is the first time the 43-year-old is taking on the role of producer and main actress for the same project, making it a significant one for her.

With Ruby far away from home, it was no surprise when her husband, Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo, was spotted at Kuala Lumpur international airport recently, with the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, nicknamed Little Dolphin in tow.

Wallace, who was accompanied by a bevy of staff members, including security personnel, looked like he was on the way back to Taiwan.

While Little Dolphin, he occasionally reached up to brush her hair away from her forehead. The actor also made sure to entertain his daughter as they waited to board their flight.

According to an industry insider, Wallace flew over with Little Dolphin to visit Ruby at work, as this is the first time Ruby has been apart from her daughter for such a long time.

Ruby and Wallace tied the knot in 2016, and welcomed Little Dolphin in January 2017.


In other related news, Ruby recently won a lawsuit against a netizen, who had made a post online in 2017 accusing Ruby of “placing a hex on (Chinese actress) Vicki Zhao and wishing for her death”. The netizen allegedly mentioned Wallace in his posts as well. Ruby and Vicki are known to be good friends.

The netizen was then ordered by the courts to issue an apology on Weibo, where the accusations were first made, and RMB60,000 (S$11,874) to Ruby in damages.

According to Ruby’s lawyers, the actress has since donated the full amount to charity.

Photos: PBE Media

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