Vote For Your Favourite All-Time Favourite Artiste

Now that voting for the Top 10 Most Popular Male and Female Artistes is well on its way, we couldn’t help but wonder: What about the 20 stars who have already ascended the All-Time Favourite Artiste pedestal? Yes, we know that they’re all happy and doing great (okay, maybe we’re not that sure about Xie Shaoguang, who has Om but disappeared from the public eye), but don’t they feel at least a teeny weeny bit left out each time the popularity awards are given out every Star Awards season? Don’t they feel an urge to walk up on stage each time the Star Awards theme song plays, much like how NS boys can’t help but snap to attention whenever their Company Sergeant Major is around. Seriously, just Chew (Chor Meng) on this for a moment.

So here at 8 DAYS, we’ve decided that it’s time these icons of local TV get back into the fray. Yes, this is your chance to decide who Singapore’s Favourite-est All-Time Favourite Artiste is. (Also, what else is RBKD going to do this awards season now that Rui En is out of the running?) Just think of it as a Royal Rumble among TV royalty, a clash of the industry titans, the World Series of… you get our drift. So click on the pics below to vote for your Favourite-est All-Time Favourite below. We promise you, it’s not just going to be Rui-ly Aw-some, it’s going to be Zoe Fann too. 

P/S: Voting closes on April 11 and we’ll reveal who the Top 5 Favourite-est are in ranking order on April 12. 

To vote for the Top 10 Most Popular Male and Female Artistes at this year's Star Awards, click here 

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