Vlogger who harassed Edison Chen threatens to kill himself

Singer Aska Yang steps up to show his support for Edison’s actions


A Chinese vlogger went viral on Weibo earlier this week after uploading a video filmed in Japan. In the video, the vlogger reveals that he ran into Hong Kong actor Edison Chen while the latter was out with his daughter, Alaia. 

When approached for a picture together, Edison initially declined politely, sharing that his daughter was with him. However, the vlogger continued filming, even taunting the 38-year-old. Edison later started ranting into the camera.

After the video was uploaded, netizens criticised the vlogger for his actions, slamming him for disrespecting Edison’s privacy. The next day, the vlogger posted another update on his Weibo account.


“My day job is to dress up as a cartoon mascot to interact with kids. It’s a job that’s very tough. Now, I’m going to die. I'm uninstalling Douyu. (the video platform he usually vlogs on) Goodbye everyone,” the post read.

He even changed his Weibo biography to read to “I’m already dead. If there’s anything (you wish to talk to me about), please burn some offerings for me. Don’t ask me where I went. I’m just like you, a speck in the universe," before deactivating his account.

The whole issue soon got the attention of Taiwanese singer Aska Yang, who criticised the vlogger on his personal Weibo account.

“Before resorting to internet bullying or internet violence as a means to alleviate your own problems, think about how (you’ve) distorted (the image) of others online first. If you’re really dead, no matter where you are, I’ll be willing to come forward to offer incense to you,”  he wrote.


Photos: PBE Media

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