Vivian Hsu’s son steals the spotlight at her birthday party

The actress laughed that it was basically 2-year-old Dalton’s party instead of hers


Yesterday (Mar 19), Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu uploaded a post on her Facebook page, sharing that her family had thrown her a small party to celebrate her birthday a few days prior.

The actress, who just turned 44, shared that her husband, Singaporean businessman Sean Lee, had prepared a cake, while her two step-daughters made a card for her. “I was so touched!” she exclaimed in her caption.

However, she could not help but to share her "dissatisfaction" with one small aspect of the party.

“A mischievous child scarfed down the cake my husband prepared for me, blew out my candles, cut my cake, and even had the first bite! Happy birthday Dalton (even though it’s obviously my birthday),” she wrote in her caption.


The post also contained a picture of her family-of-five, including her two step-daughters, whom she rarely posts pictures of.

Previously, netizens had criticised the actress for posting more pictures of Dalton and “neglecting” her two step-daughters. However, Vivian later explained that as the two of them are in their teens and going through puberty, she understands that they place great importance on their outward appearance. Thus, she only posts pictures that they approve of, which is why there are more pictures of Dalton on her account.

Vivian tied the knot with Sean in 2014, and the couple welcomed Dalton in 2015. Sean has two daughters from a previous marriage.


Photos: PBE Media

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