Vivian Hsu’s son rushed to emergency room after high fever

The mother-and-son duo came down with a particularly strong strain of the flu


Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu took to her Facebook page yesterday (Jan 30) to share her worry, after her son, 3-year-old Dalton, came down with the flu. 

As Dalton changed his hairstyle recently, causing him to resemble the character Gekko from the cartoon show PJ Masks, Vivian has taken to calling Dalton “Brother Gekko” in her posts online. Yesterday, she uploaded a number of pictures of their visit to the hospital, writing, “Today, Brother Gekko has no strength to complete his tasks”.

Vivian shared that Dalton had come down with a high fever and diarrhoea, and was vomiting as well. When the 3-year-old’s temperature surged to 41.3 celsius, she then rushed him to the emergency room at the hospital, to visit the doctor. 

“After consuming some medicine to fight against the flu, his condition has stabilised enough for him to sleep, after a day,” she continued on to share.


She also uploaded a picture of her lying on a hospital bed, receiving an IV drip, revealing that she was sick as well. However, it was only when Dalton’s condition stabilised, that she got around to receiving treatment for herself.

This afternoon, she posted an update on her Facebook page, sharing that Dalton is now hospitalised. It turns out that he had continued having the runs and vomiting, and had visited the toilet 27 times in a day. Sharing that her heart ached to see her son in pain, Vivian wrote that if she had a choice, she’d choose to be the one suffering in his place instead.  

“You’re Mum’s strongest and bravest Brother Gekko,” she wrote, cheering Dalton on, and wishing for his speedy recovery.

Vivian tied the knot with Singaporean businessman Sean in 2014 and gave birth to Dalton in August 2015, after a particularly difficult pregnancy.

Photos: PBE Media

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