Vivian Hsu’s 10-year “feud" with Japanese singer was orchestrated by variety show producers

The producers came clean earlier this month and admitted that they had deliberately caused discord between the duo.


Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu used to be a household name in Japan, where she was active as a singer and a member of the group, Black Biscuits. The group was formed on Japanese variety show Utchan Nanchan no UriNari.

Black Biscuits was formed as a rival group for the group Pocket Biscuits, which was also created by the same programme. The members of the two groups achieved much success in Japan during their time on the show, each selling millions of records. 

Originally, Vivian and the vocalist of Pocket Biscuits, Chiaki, were known to be close friends. However, as time passed, the duo’s friendship broke down.

Earlier this month, the reason behind Vivian and Chiaki’s rivalry was revealed. As it turns out, a producer of Utchan Nanchan no UriNari wanted to intentionally create discord between them in order to make their on-screen rivalry seem more real. Thus, they told Chiaki that Vivian deeply disliked her. As time passed, Chiaki began to believe the producer, and stopped being friendly with Vivian.

A decade later, when Chiaki met the producers again, they came clean about their lies. After hearing the truth, Chiaki contacted Vivian once again and rekindled their friendship.

Once this was revealed, many fans rushed to leave comments condemning the producer’s actions, describing it as “despicable” and “outrageous”.

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