Taiwanese actors Vivian Hsu and Cheng Jen Shuo attended the premiere of their new horror film The Tag-Along: Devil Fish at the Golden Horse Film Festival on November 12.

Vivian revealed that she spent three months practising how to play Franz Schubert's 'Erlkönig' on the piano before even officially signing on to star in the movie. "I practised day and night, even when I was on the treadmill and on planes," she said. "I was so 'possessed' that I even flew off the treadmill once, and my hand became swollen."

Although Jen Shuo said he was very happy to attend the same event with Vivian, he admitted to being afraid that it would be their last time walking the red carpet together.

Vivian then talked about renowned director Ang Lee, who is serving as the head of the Golden Horse Film Awards executive committee. "I believe that through his leadership, more Chinese films will be seen by people all over the world," she said. "Ang Lee is one of my favourite directors, and I hope he can find time to watch my new project."

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