I’ve been nursing a cold for more than a month: Vivian Hsu

Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu is seeking remedies and tips to recover from her nasty cold

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Vivian Hsu desperately wants to be back in the pink of health.

The mother-of-one recently vented her frustrations about her nasty cold on social media, and lamented that she has been down with the illness for as long as a month.

Since she has taken ill, Vivian has finished two courses of antibiotics, five bottles of cough syrup and has been administered two rounds of infusion treatment (aka IV drip). Vivian added that she has a pile of medicine to help stop her cough and clear the phlegm, too, but her condition has not gotten any better.

In a midnight post addressed to her fans, the 43-year-old shared on social media that she has been ‘coughing her lungs out’ and sought for alternative treatment tips from her followers.

Vivian added that she’s tired of wearing a mask while caring of her 3-year-old son as it’s causing her a lot of discomfort, and wrote in desperation, “Can someone save me?”

She claimed that her she is more quick-tempered these days and said she can’t help but curse and swear under her breath to release her exasperation.

Concerned fans who left messages for Vivian suggested she give TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) a shot while others told her to seek a third or fourth opinion from a different clinic and hospital.

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