Vivian Hsu issues warning to unnamed rumourmonger

The actress has had it with their gossip-spreading ways

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Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu is usually mild-tempered and easygoing, with her social media updates consisting mostly of pictures of her son, 3-year-old Dalton.

On Wednesday (January 9), however, the actress posted a very uncharacteristic update on her Facebook. Consisting of a simple black-and-white text picture, the post read, “I've never harmed anyone in this life, why must you be sly and try to harm me…I’m not familiar with the frightful and evil you. If there’s a god in this world, they will definitely take care of the black-hearted you! Just wait!”

Later, the 43-year-old shared a statement through her manager in response to the media’s queries regarding her post. 

“My mum often told us three kids that we must treat everyone kindly. I believe that he has already seen that I know of his behaviour. I hope that he will not continue to abuse his power to start rumours that harm the innocent. If it happens again, I will not tolerate it anymore! Thank you (the media) for your concern!”

Vivian has always had a good reputation amongst her fellow celebrity colleagues. Last year, when she made her showbiz comeback with the film The Devil Fish, a number of her good friends, including Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling as well as Taiwanese actresses Alyssa Chia and Ruby Lin, all posted on their respective social media pages to show their support for her. The director of the film has also praised Vivian for her hardworking and humble ways.

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