Vivian Hsu is three months pregnant

The first-time mother, who is in the early stages of pregnancy, is distressed by a recent outbreak on her face


Last year, Taiwanese actress-singer Vivian Hsu married Singapore-based Indonesian businessman Sean Lee and relocated to Singapore to be with her new family of four, which includes her husband’s two stepdaughters.

On March 20 this year, Vivian, who had just turned 40 years old, announced that that she is currently three months pregnant on her birthday. She even nicknamed her child “Lee V Treasure” and called her pregnancy the “best birthday gift” received this year.

Two days later, she posted a photo on Facebook of her makeup-free face and lamented about an acne breakout. The pregnant mummy jokingly complained on Facebook, “I think my acne is here to stay, dark circles are coming and the size of my appetite and my tummy are both larger than my friends’.”


After Vivian’s post, netizens took a strong interest in her unborn baby’s gender. They predicted that it is “certainly a boy” because of her “protruding belly” and the acne on her face; others disagree saying that her outbreak is due to hormone imbalance and the baby could end be a boy or a girl.

Vivian also remarked that although does not have morning sickness, picky eating and other early pregnancy symptoms, she experienced a tremendous increase in appetite since the baby is growing.


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