Vivian Hsu in high spirits despite Golden Horse snub

Netizens have declared the actress an “unrecognised talent” after she missed out on a Best Actress nomination this year


Earlier this month, the nominees for the Golden Horse Awards were revealed. To the surprise of many, actress Vivian Hsu’s name was missing from the list of actresses nominated for the Best Actress award.

After the nominees were announced, many fans and netizens took to social media to express their disappointment at the snub, calling Vivian an "unrecognised talent”. Vivian had starred in the 2018 film, The Tag-Along: The Devil Fish, which was her first project since giving birth to her son, Dalton, in 2015.

At a recent charity event, reporters took the opportunity to ask the actress for her reaction after missing out on a nomination. 

“With a steady income, where you’re doing what you like, as long as you’re not eliminated, it’s all good. Besides, becoming a topic of discussion is a good thing!” Vivian quipped.

She also went on to share that she does not feel that as if she’s missed out on anything. 

“What's important is the box office takings. As long as the public goes to see the movie, it’s (considered) a good outcome for me. I’ll continue work hard! (In order to be nominated), we have to have the right timing, the right place, and the right people.”

As for her future plans, the actress, who recently graduated with a Master’s degree, will be producing and starring in an upcoming movie, tentatively titled Gu Wei. She also plans to release a new song next year.

Photos: PBE Media

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