Vivian Hsu 'fat-shamed' by her 2-year-old son

The actress couldn’t help but to express her despair after hearing his words


Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu’s 2-year-old son, Dalton Hsu, has amused netizens to no end with his latest statement.

After giving birth to Dalton in 2015, the 44-year-old has kept her fans updated on her son’s growth by posting a bevy of updates on her social media pages. The mother-of-one often shares more about her daily life with her son, documenting everything from his playdates, to her heartache whenever Dalton falls sick.

Vivian’s latest post, however, featured a video of Dalton, who is beginning to speak. In the video, an adult can be heard asking the toddler about his family members. 

When asked about his father, aunts and grandfather, Dalton immediately quipped that they are “thin”. However, when asked about his grandmother, Dalton chirped out a cheery-sounding, “Fat!” Next, when asked about his mother, Dalton quickly answered, “Mama’s super fat!” 

In her caption accompanying the video, Vivian writes in mock despair, “Tomorrow, I’ll embark on a diet! I’ll also close the door when I change my clothes in the future!”

After watching the video, fans of Vivian couldn’t help but to comment, “Vivian's super fat? Wouldn’t we be considered super, super fat then?”

Photos: PBE Media

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