Vivian Hsu’s son and Alyssa Chia’s daughters have grown up in the public eye, with their adorable antics warming the hearts of netizens since their respective births.

In particular, Dalton and Bubu, who were born a day apart, have grown especially close over the years, in part due to their similar ages. Dalton, who was born on August 13 2015, had a playdate with Bubu and Bobo, and their mums took lots of photos and shared them online.

Netizens pointed out that Dalton has grown considerably taller in recent months, although Bubu is fast catching up with his height. The pair is clearly comfortable with each other, as they had fun playing with each other and even interlocked their fingers.

Ever the overprotective father, Xiu Jie Kai is said to have attempted on numerous occasions to stop Dalton from getting too close to Bubu, but the children have paid him no heed as they continue to enjoy their playdates.

Vivian captioned her social media post with, “Whenever we meet with Bubu, there’s a third wheel (Bobo) present. Bubu’s mummy, I won’t mind if you have one more (child)!”

Click on for more photos of Dalton, Bubu and Bobo’s playdate!

Photos: PBE Media

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