Vivian Hsu admitted to hospital

After 24 days of being bedridden, Vivian Hsu is hospitalised and will be there until she gets better


Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu has been in poor health since her pregnancy, suddenly becoming very ill late last month. Apart from having to watch her diet carefully and dealing with her extreme mood swings, the doctor also ordered her to be on bed rest.

The mother-to-be also recently posted a photo of her eyes that were red from crying and said that she needs to “be strong” for her baby.

Since yesterday, 40-year-old Vivian has been posting a series of photos of her life in the hospital, with the first of the series being a collage of pictures where she’s seen holding up the “V” hand sign, with her husband and sister.

Vivian posted: “I know I’ve always been brave. Special thanks to my sister who flew over to accompany me by my bed side all day! I love you guys!”


Shortly after, she posted a photo of herself lying in bed giving a peace sign in her blue hospital gown, causing people to be more concerned about her health. The hospitalised actress said, “I wish for myself and everyone to be safe (and sound).”

According to Vivian’s representative, the actress recently started having diarrhoea because of her sensitive stomach and the doctor had to put Vivian on a drip.


Later on, she posted another photograph of a teddy bear that her fans had given her, saying: “Thank you, my beloved fans, I receive all of your care and concern every day! Mother V and Little V are working hard in the hospital! We are very lucky to have good doctors and nurses taking care of us!”

She also went on to send everyone peace and love as she said “God bless Taiwan”, in lieu of the recent four tremors.

Earlier today, she posted a photo of her injection syringe and said, “I’m invincible! With love, I will have strength!” The latest of Vivian’s Instagram posts is a photo of the complete first season DVD of American drama series Drop Dead Diva on her lap which she is about to begin watching.


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