After 25 years, Vivian Chow is set to return to the Taipei Arena in August for her A Long and Lasting Love 30th anniversary concert.

The singer held a press conference to promote the upcoming event in Taipei on April 24, sharing that she was very excited. “My first concert was held in Taiwan, and back then, I told myself that I must hold my 30th anniversary concert here to thank my fans for loving me all this time,” she gushed.

Sadly, she also shared that this may be her final large-scale concert. “It’s impossible for me to perform forever, and I want to spend more time with my family,” she explained.

Vivian was then asked for her thoughts on the recent Andy Hui cheating scandal, as she is friends with both the disgraced singer and his wife, singer-actress Sammi Cheng. “I’ve been keeping in touch with Sammi, but I feel that this is a private family matter, so I will refrain from voicing my opinions in public,” she said. “But my thoughts are definitely with them.”

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