Video of River Huang pleasuring himself leaked online

The actor is “regretful, but does not feel as if he’s done something wrong”.


Yesterday (Oct 9), a weekly magazine in Taiwan ran a surprising story, claiming that they had obtained a video of River Huang masturbating in a temple, which has been making the rounds online.

The clip is said to be 109 seconds long and features the Taiwanese actor standing in front of a table and pleasuring himself while moaning and swearing. It was reportedly shot in a temple River was staying in a few years back, as he was filming a drama series there.

When reached for a comment, River’s management agency did not deny that the man in the video was him. They explained that the 29-year-old, who recently starred in Toggle Originals series Beijing to Moscow, had sent the video to his girlfriend at that time, around seven to eight years ago. Thus, it is suspected that the clip was leaked to the public by this ex-girlfriend.

According to River, the former couple had eventually grown apart as they were unable to meet up often. However, it was not an acrimonious break-up, which is why the actor was surprised to see that the video had been leaked after so many years.

His management agency also took the opportunity to clarify reports claiming that River has had “80 girlfriends in two years”, saying that it was merely a joke that had been taken out of context.

Lastly, River’s management agency clarified that he “has never stayed in a temple, nor has he practised abstinence for the sake of work”. They ended things by sharing that they will not get involved in their artistes’ personal matters, especially since River is a “professional actor, not an idol”. They also stated that he “feels regretful, but does not feel as if he’s done something wrong”.

River is currently in a relationship with actress Jenny Wen. The pair went public with their relationship in 2014.


Photos: PBE Media

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