Video of EXO’s Lay allegedly smoking released by paparazzo

This comes after pictures of TFBOYS’s Roy Wang smoking in a restaurant was published online


Earlier this week, pictures of teen idol Roy Wang, who is a member of the Chinese pop trio TFBOYS, smoking in a restaurant were released.

The pictures ignited a hot debate online, as indoor smoking is prohibited in China. Additionally, as the 18-year-old is a teen idol with a large majority of young fans, Roy was panned for “setting a bad example” for his fans. Roy has since issued an apology for his behaviour on his personal Weibo account.

Soon after, a video of EXO’s Lay (also known as Zhang Yixing) allegedly smoking was uploaded by a paparazzo. The video, which appeared to have been taken outside a restaurant at night, showed Lay lifting up what appears to be a lighted cigarette to his lips. After taking a couple of puffs, the 28-year-old then took a sip from the bubble tea drink in his other hand.

The release of the video was met with disapproval from both the general public, as well as fans of the singer. “What's wrong with a 28-year-old smoking?” a netizen commented. “Have the paparazzi become anti-smoking ambassadors? Why are you releasing so many pictures of celebrities smoking?” another asked. A couple of fans also expressed their concern for Lay, as smoking is detrimental to one’s health.

Photos: PBE Media

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