Video of Dicky Cheung ‘arrested for drug-related offences’ spreads online

A recent video of the Hong Kong singer-actor has been making the rounds online


A recent video of Hong Kong singer-actor Dicky Cheung with the title ‘Dicky Cheung arrested in Beijing’s Chaoyang District for taking drugs' has been making the rounds online.

In the video, Dicky, who is dressed smartly in a suit, is seen escorted by two policemen with his hands out in front of him, a solemn expression on his face.

A while after the video started spreading online, however, Dicky stepped out to comment on the entire affair. The 53-year-old confirmed that the man in the video is indeed him, although he was not ‘arrested for taking drugs’ as stated in the video title.


“There’s nothing going on, I had a schedule in Hunan two days ago, and because I was surrounded by a throng of fans, security guards were deployed. They were by my side as I entered and left the venue,” he explained.

He also took to his Weibo to reassure his fans, poking fun at the entire situation by writing, “It seems like I have to stop my habit of walking with my hands raised and against my stomach in the future; it really looks like I was arrested!”

Photos: PBE Media

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