Victoria Song: When has social media become a stage to put on a show?

The f(x) leader had been criticised for remaining silent over former bandmate Sulli’s death on social media.


In the days after Korean idol-actress Sulli’s passing, the public has been scrutinising every move of the 25-year-old’s former f(x) members and friends.

Many have even gone as far as to criticise f(x)’s leader, Victoria Song, as well as member Krystal for their silence on social media regarding Sulli’s death, with comments accusing them of being indifferent to the situation at hand flooding their pages. In response, Victoria uploaded a post last night denouncing the actions of these netizens.

“Since when has posting on Weibo, WeChat, or Instagram become a metric [for judging someone]? Something that can measure morals, measure relationships, and measure emotions. These public platforms exist to share things with people, since when has it become a stage to put on a show? If I wish to post something, I’ll post it, if I don’t wish to, I won’t. There’s no such thing as mutual empathy, only those who’ve truly experienced it will know how it feels,” she wrote in her post, hitting back at those who had criticised her for remaining silent on social media.


“If you want to stand on the sidelines to watch the show, to vent, and to start rumours, you’re welcome to do so. I’m not particularly extraordinary, it’s just that rather than being fake, I’d rather live authentically,” she continued.

In her post, the 32-year-old also urged everyone to refrain from “making up stories” and spouting words that they are “unable to take responsibility for”, to the extent that it “consumes your entire existence”.

“There's a limit to [your] kind words and advice, please do not overstep your boundaries. When your own life is a mess, what right do you have to dictate what others should do with theirs? Everyone’s life on earth is unique, is there anyone who is truly qualified to dictate how other people should live their lives? Take care of yourself, live in the moment, have a clear conscience, and that’s enough. Some words need not be said out loud,” she wrote, ending her post.

Before posting this statement on Weibo, Victoria had shared an old photo of f(x) on Instagram to bid goodbye to her former bandmate, writing, “Sulli, the weather is nice today. Goodbye, I will not forget you. I love you.”

Sulli, who was part of f(x) from 2009 to 2015, was found dead in her apartment on October 14. A private funeral was held for her, with all of the other f(x) members - Victoria, Krystal, Amber, and Luna - reportedly in attendance.

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