Vicki Zhao spotted taking a smoke break during filming?

Pictures of the actress smoking a cigarette on set were uploaded by an anonymous netizen


Chinese actress Vicki Zhao first shot to fame 22 years ago, after playing the main character in the wildly popular period drama, My Fair Princess. Since then, the actress has been viewed positively by the public, with a pure and bright image.

Recently, however, an anonymous netizen uploaded a series of pictures online. The netizen claimed that they had spotted Vicki taking a smoke break whilst filming for her latest project. In the pictures, a tanned-looking female in a bright blue beanie can be seen mid-conversation, with a cigarette wedged between her fingers. The pictures also showed the female taking a drag on the cigarette she held, looking just like a seasoned smoker.

The female in the pictures looked haggard and sickly, a far cry from Vicki’s usual appearance on television, causing an uproar amongst netizens.

“This has totally ruined my image of Xiaoyanzi (the character Vicki plays in My Fair Princess),” one exclaimed, while another commented that Vicki looks just like an old lady without any makeup on.

There has been no word on whether the female is indeed Vicki, but her fans have also stepped up to defend her. They declared that smoking is not a crime, and that they will continue to support her even if the woman in the photo is proven to be the actress.

Photos: PBE Media

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