Vicki Zhao’s husband reportedly being sued for S$35 million

The actress’s husband was named as the second defendant in a recently filed lawsuit


Chinese media outlets have reported that Chinese actress Vicki Zhao’s husband, businessman Huang Youlong, is currently being sued for S$35 million.

According to the reports, the lawsuit was filed by Michelle Chua, the wife of Hong Kong broadcasting company ATV’s former executive director James Shing yesterday (Dec 12).

Michelle is reportedly seeking the return of HK$200 million (S$35 million) from the primary defendant, a Singapore resident named Chow Hai Yen. Vicki’s husband, Youlong, was also named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

In July, Michelle had reportedly posted online venting about “the husband of a famous actress”, who owed her over S$100 million, including accumulated interest. As she stopped short of disclosing his name, many netizens were curious about his identity.

Now that Michelle has officially filed a lawsuit, it appears that the “husband of a famous actress” that she was referring to in July was Youlong. 

In court yesterday, both Michelle and the two defendants did not appear, with their appointed lawyers appearing on their behalf instead.

In a telephone interview, Michelle revealed that she has no way of getting in touch with Youlong, and that she is confident of recovering the money owed to her through the power of the law.

“For this matter to come to an end, all they have to do is to return the money,” she said.

It is understood that Youlong is said to have made some form of repayment prior to the lawsuit being filed, but a portion of the money owed was lost to transactional fees.

Last November, Vicki and her husband were banned from China’s stock market, and prohibited from holding senior positions in any listed company in China for five years. They were found to have disrupted market order by banking on Vicki’s celebrity status while announcing a takeover bid for a separate company, despite having inadequate financial backing for their bid.

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