Vicki Zhao reportedly loses 13kg in a month after being called fat

Netizens claim Vicki Zhao looks just like fellow A-lister Dilraba Dilmurat after the dramatic weight loss


Just last month, actress Vicki Zhao stopped by our sunny shores, where she launched her very own wine label, with the help of local actor Li Nanxing. At the time, some remarked that she was "fat" and no longer took good care of herself.

Fast forward a month later and the actress debuted her “post-diet” self at the 2019 Silk Road International Film Festival on October 20. Vicki is said to have approximately 13 kilograms after being criticised for having gained weight.

Dressed in a form-fitting black dress and orange pumps, Vicki looked as youthful as ever, with her svelte figure earning praise from netizens.


Some also noted that Vicki “really resembles (actress) Dilraba (Dilmurat) now”. “They really look alike,” one netizen marvelled, adding that the two actresses have similar-looking noses. However, the comparison ruffled some feathers amongst Dilraba and Vicki’s fans alike, with many denying the resemblance.

“They don’t look alike at all. What’s more, they both have very different styles,” an indignant fan replied, adding that the resemblance might have been due to Vicki’s makeup style that night.

Another netizen later tried to smooth things over, writing, “It might be because all the attractive people end up looking alike. After all, they’re both super attractive.”

Photos: PBE Media

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