20 years after starring in the hit drama My Fair Princess, Chinese actors Alec Su and Vicki Zhao have reunited once again to work on a project. This time, it is not for a drama shoot, but a magazine pictorial instead.

The duo first enthralled audiences with their chemistry in My Fair Princess back in 1998 before going on to star in its sequel, as well as the 2001 movie, Romance in the Rain.

Vicki and Alec will also be filming the second season of the cooking reality show, Chinese Restaurant together.

In the pictures released by the magazine, Vicki and Alec can be seen clowning around and grinning at each other playfully, which was a testament to their easy chemistry.

Fans also left comments reminiscing about the days when My Fair Princess was airing on television, showing support for their “national couple”.

Click on for more pictures from the shoot!

Photos: PBE Media

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