Veteran HK actor Lee Siu-kei dies months after cancer diagnosis

The 69-year-old was diagnosed with liver cancer in November 2018


Veteran Hong Kong actor Lee Siu-kei has passed away after months of battling liver cancer. The actor was a familiar face for many who grew up watching Hong Kong movies in the 90s.

He was an accomplished actor, who was best known for his villainous roles in numerous films, including movies such as Young and Dangerous 3, God of Gamblers’ Returns and The God of Cookery.

However, after suffering a stroke in 2015, the actor took a break from the entertainment industry. Since then, he has relied on the help of his friends to get by, both financially and emotionally.

In November 2018, Siu-kei was diagnosed with liver cancer. He had reportedly wanted to forgo treatment, but the 69-year-old reportedly decided to go under the knife after his friends persuaded him to do so.

The surgery went well, and Siu-kei tied the knot with his girlfriend of 30 years, Qiu Qiao Zhen, in February.

When approached for an interview, Siu-kei’s good friend, Hong Kong actor Peter Chan, shared that he had arranged the wedding ceremony for the couple. He added that as Qiao Zhen has been with Siu-kei for close to 30 years, he felt that she should be officially recognised as Siu-kei’s wife.

However, Siu-kei’s condition took a turn for the worse, with the cancer metastasising. He passed away on June 2.

The president of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, Hong Kong actor Louis Koo extended his condolences to Siu-kei’s family in a statement. 

“We knew that he was not in the best of health and were communicating (with his family). They’re handling his funeral arrangements now. If there’s anything that they need, the guild will definitely assist to the best of our abilities,” the statement read.

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