Remember when former Cat III star Veronica Yip used the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, as an example of how filing for bankruptcy is a “common practice in the US”, after it was reported that her Chinese-American businessman husband Jeffrey Wu was doing so? (P.S: Trump's companies had declared bankruptcy six times between 1991 and 2009).

Well, it appears that Veronica used that analogy for a very good reason — the 53-year-old and her family are staunch Trump supporters. 

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While words do not mean anything unless you let them...a death threat a day definitely makes you wonder if you should stay… I only share this as I want to state the facts that have led me to my beliefs. I am opened to civil discussion, but I urge you to keep your opinion to yourself if it is something that you would not want said to you or I politely ask that you unfollow me. If you are Republican, then you’re racist feels like surpression of feeedom of speech for me. Especially if you’re asian, you cannot possibly vote Trump. Maybe I am racist to think that you do not have to support someone merely because of your race…but for me it is racist to assume that everyone of the same race must hold the same beliefs. Minorities have unfortunately been experiencing racism forever, but I have never felt this much hate--ever. Please don’t attack anyone who has contrasting opinions...last pic is a perfect example 🤍

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 Recently, Veronica’s eldest daughter, 21-year-old Victoria, took to her IG Story to urge her 8,000 followers to read an article titled “140+ Reasons Why People Are Voting Trump”, before following up with a lengthy post on her Instagram on November 3 explaining that she’s "simply sharing reasons as to why I believe what I believe."

Earlier today, she also uploaded a post sharing that she has "never felt this much hate — ever (sic)”, adding that she’s receiving "a death threat a day” after sharing her political beliefs.