Vanness Wu’s gaunt figure comes under scrutiny

It was speculated that the 39-year-old had lost weight due to the stress of his divorce


Taiwanese singer-actor Vanness Wu’s divorce with Singaporean socialite Arissa Cheo was finalised early last month, casting the spotlight once again on the 39-year-old and his personal life.

Vanness, who will turn 40 on August 7, celebrated his birthday in advance earlier this month, with his fans turning up in droves to show their support for him. Sporting a fresh crew cut with a cap on, he looked to have lost quite a bit of weight. As a result, netizens and the media began to speculate that he must have lost weight due to the stress of his divorce.

Recently, he made another appearance at a promotional event, where he was spared from having to field questions about his relationship. However, Vanness was unable to avoid questions about his gaunt figure. Taking the questions in his stride, he commented that regardless of whether he had gained weight or lost weight, he’ll still be talked about in the media. Thus, he has decided to just be himself, and not pay such comments any heed. He added that he feels that his attitude towards life has been “very okay”.

As for his future plans, Vanness replied that he feels very blessed to be able to do what he loves. “My life [revolves] around God, my family and work,” he declared.

In 2013, after seven years of an on-off relationship, Vanness and Arissa tied the knot, cementing their relationship. However, their marriage was marked by a number of public social media spats, and the couple eventually decided to call it quits last month.

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