Gigi Leung and Vanness Wu attended the launch of a DNA testing kit in Hong Kong yesterday (Jul 29). The two stars had also undergone some genetic health testing themselves, and shared their results.

Gigi revealed that she had the test done on her entire family. Happily, they do not seem to have a risk of serious diseases, and also have the ability to withstand high amounts of pressure. The 43-year-old singer-actress also gushed that her skin’s age is younger than her real age, which pleased her very much.

However, the most amazing thing about the test was that it was able to reveal that Gigi’s four-year-old daughter Sofia has natural talents in singing and dancing. “I always knew that she loves singing and dancing, but I never expected it to be related to her genes,” said Gigi. “I always planned to take things slowly when it comes to nurturing her talents, but with this confirmation, I need to start finding classes for her immediately!”

When asked if Sofia possibly inherited these talents from her, Gigi said that they most likely came from her Spanish husband, Sergio Crespo Gutes, instead. “It’s from her Spanish heritage - they all love to sing and dance.”

As for Vanness, he revealed that while there were some positive health results from his test, there were some negative ones as well, such as a lack of certain vitamins that affects his digestive system. He also gave an update on his recent leg injury, saying that it should make a full recovery in another 90 days.

Reporters then took the opportunity to ask the 40-year-old about a potential F4 reunion, which netizens have been talking about ever since Vanness posted a wefie with his former bandmate Vic Chou on Instagram. “We would hope to have more time to arrange that,” he said. “Let’s wait for the right moment.”

Photos: TPG, Instagram/Vanness Wu

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