Veteran singer-actress Tsai Chin held a three-day concert at the Taipei International Convention Centre from August 16 to 18.

In addition to her performances of beloved classics like ‘Read You’ and ‘Forgotten Time’, the 61-year-old diva surprised audiences on the last day with her own rendition of Jay Chou’s ‘Love Confession’, which she first covered at a music festival in Beijing last year.

Despite boasting a long and illustrious singing career, Tsai Chin admitted that she was “scared to death” of taking on the track at first.

“Jay wrote the song so beautifully and he sings it so well too!” she exclaimed. “So I made sure to get his permission before covering it.” 

Tsai Chin also poked fun at recent - and obviously inaccurate - reports that she had passed away from an illness. “I’m the real deal,” she stated. “I’ve been through so many death hoaxes that I’ve ‘come back to life’ three times already!”

On a more serious and touching note, Tsai Chin confessed that at her age, she has been treating every performance as if it were her last, and she hopes her fans will have the same attitude as well. “When you hear that I’m having a concert, don’t hesitate to buy tickets because there might not be a next time.”

Photos: TPG

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